Bullying and cyberbulling among young learners: how to promote student well-being with the help of the educating community


This Erasmus+ Teacher Course is designed to respond to the needs of knowing, preventing and combating the phenomena of bullying and cyberbullying in the frame of an educating community. It is aimed at the promotion of well-being and health in the developmental age, offering teachers tested tools to deal with the behavioural patterns as well as the technologies leading to bullying and cyberbullying.

The used approach is both theoretical and operational, allowing teachers to apply the learned methodologies in the classroom and with the students.

Each proposed activity has specific work objectives and is tailored to the different student targets.

Finally, the course is aimed at increasing knowledge of the web and the technologies that affect the behaviour of young learners, with the enhancement of communication and relational skills useful for the management of a group.



  • Definition and description of the phenomena representing bullying and cyberbullying (initiators, targets, bystanders, etc.);
  • Risks connected to bullying/cyberbullying and their prevention (Universal, Selective, Indicative prevention);
  • Tools for the recognition of behaviours and patterns of bullying / cyberbullying;
  • Risks for security and civil and criminal implications that may derive from an unaware use of the internet;
  • Privacy and cybersecurity (GDPR 2016/679): knowing the actions of violation of privacy;
  • The educating community: families, local authorities, education experts and psychologists.



  • Knowing the main definitions, dynamics, risks and consequences;
  • Knowing the psychology and phenomenology behind these behaviours and their impact on young people;
  • Acquiring strategies for the prevention, monitoring and assessment of Phenomena of Bullying and cyberbullying;
  • Knowing the psychology and phenomenology of the new digital communication and, above all, the impact it has on the very young and adolescents;
  • Acquiring basic knowledge related to the legislation to combat Bullying / Cyberbullying;
  • Implementing an educator / teacher communication model based on negotiation, relationship and active listening;
  • Implementing school organisational models with the involvement of experts, parents and the whole “educating community”.


Additional activities:

  • Guided tour on Wednesday afternoon;
  • (optional, on Saturday) Daily excursion.


Next sessions:

Since the course is held on-site, it is possible to book at different times of the year. Please write to us to check availability. Minimum 5 people.



5-day-course: 400€

6-day-course: 480€


Course Venue: Accademia Clivis, via G. Botero 18, Rome [Metro Line “A” – Colli Albani station]

Erasmus+ Teachers
5-6 days among request

Bullying and cyberbulling among young learners: how to promote student well-being with the help of the educating community