Mastering Arrangement and Ensemble Direction: A Comprehensive Music Workshop with Maestro Emanuele Stracchi


The course, consisting of 5 sessions, each lasting 5 hours, is designed for those looking to enhance their skills in composition, orchestration, and arrangement, with a focus on conducting to lead their own compositions, orchestrations, or arrangements.

The final session will culminate in a concert with the Clivis Academy ensemble.


Course Details:

  • Minimum 5 participants, Maximum 12 participants
  • Estimated Cost per Participant: 500 euros
  • Pianist collaborator present for conducting modules in sessions 2, 3, 4
  • Ensemble for the 5th session, string quartet + piano + one wind instrument to be arranged

About Maestro Emanuele Stracchi: Emanuele Stracchi is a versatile musician, composer, pianist, conductor, and harpsichordist. He holds degrees in Piano, Composition, Composition for Applied Music, Sacred and Vocal Repertoire Conducting, and Philosophy. His extensive international experience includes performances at renowned festivals and venues. Stracchi has received numerous awards for his pianism and compositions. He is not only a performer but also a composer, with his works featured by esteemed organizations. Stracchi is a faculty member at the Conservatory of Cagliari.


Clivis Aps,
Via Giovanni Botero 18 – Roma, Italy, 00179
Metro: Linea A – Colli Albani

PIC: 891042292
OID: E10268850

Contact person prof. Marco Palmigiani: +39 3285721993


Duration: 5 days (Monday to Friday) or 6 days (Monday to Saturday)


5-day-course: 450€

6-day-course: 500€


Confirmed sessions:

19-24 February 2024


Course Overview: The course is divided into two main areas:

1) Compositional Aspect:

  • Epistemology of the “arrangement” discipline
  • Project planning and specific objectives
  • Utilization of harmony and counterpoint
  • Rhythmic profiling
  • Stylistic and timbral considerations
  • Overview of orchestration, including insights into secondary schools with a musical focus

2) Conducting Technique:

  • Posture and gestures
  • Relationship with sound and musical spatial design
  • Patterns for simple and compound time signatures
  • Score analysis/interpretation
  • Philosophical/phenomenological implications and the concept of the climactic point
  • Focus on studying and conducting W.A. Mozart’s “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” for strings, KV 525, and subsequently working with arrangements composed by the students themselves


Prerequisites: A basic understanding of music theory and harmony is required. To secure a spot, participants must present at least two of their compositions or arrangements.

Target Audience: This course is particularly beneficial for those who direct youth ensembles, such as school orchestras at the secondary level and music high schools.

Course Highlights: At the conclusion of the course, a concert with the Clivis Academy ensemble will be held, where students will have the opportunity to conduct their own works developed during the course. The concert will be recorded for metacognitive review, and participants will receive a certificate of participation.

Teachers, educators, musicians, psychologists, physiotherapists, healthcare professionals
6 days

Mastering Arrangement and Ensemble Direction: A Comprehensive Music Workshop with Maestro Emanuele Stracchi