Italian Language and CLIL for Erasmus+ Teachers - ROME


This course aims to develop the ability to interact in Italian in everyday public, personal, and university-related situations, with a focus on integrating Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) principles. The four language skills (listening, reading, speaking, and writing) will be developed to achieve level A2 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


Duration: 5 days (Monday to Friday) or 6 days (Monday to Saturday)


Course Venue: Accademia Clivis, via G. Botero 18, Rome [Metro Line “A” – Colli Albani station]



5-day-course: 400€

6-day-course: 480€




Contact person prof. Marco Palmigiani: +39 3285721993


Day 1: Introduction to Italian A1/A2 and CLIL

  • Welcome and course presentation
  • Introduction to the Common European Framework of Reference
  • Basic Italian language and phonetics
  • Incorporating CLIL principles for subject-specific language learning
  • Listening skills: understanding short dialogues related to your discipline

Day 2: Reading and Writing Skills with a CLIL Approach

  • Reading short texts related to your subject area
  • Understanding subject-specific announcements and instructions
  • Writing emails and messages related to your subject

Day 3: Communicating in Everyday Life and CLIL Contexts

  • Speaking skills: routine dialogues with a CLIL focus
  • Topics: using subject-specific language in travel, dining, and shopping
  • Describing subject-related concepts and experiences

Day 4: Understanding and Managing Routines with CLIL Integration

  • Understanding presentations and instructions in your subject area
  • Discussing work and school-related activities with a focus on subject-specific language
  • Expressing preferences and opinions related to your discipline

Day 5: Review, CLIL Assessment, and Europass Integration

  • Review of acquired skills, both general and subject-specific
  • CLIL assessment: simulated conversation and writing in your discipline
  • Integration of CLIL competencies into the Europass Mobility Document


Teaching Materials:

  • Handouts and audio material
  • Interactive online exercises
  • Additional resources for individual study


Assessment: Evaluation will be based on in-class participation, written and oral exercises, and the CLIL assessment.


Integration into Europass Mobility Document: The language and CLIL skills acquired during this course will be integrated into your Europass Mobility Document, enhancing your professional qualifications and showcasing your ability to teach your subject in a foreign language.

At the end of the course, teachers will be capable of interacting in Italian in various contexts, including those related to their discipline, and teaching their subject in a foreign language using CLIL principles.

Note: The course program is subject to modifications based on the specific needs of the participants and the evolution of language proficiency.


Additional activities:

  • Guided tour on Wednesday afternoon;
  • (optional, on Saturday) Daily excursion.


Next sessions:

Since the course is held on-site, it is possible to book at different times of the year. Please write to us to check availability. Minimum 5 people.

Erasmus+ Teachers
5-6 days

Italian Language and CLIL for Erasmus+ Teachers - ROME